3rd. Rick Delgado

10th. Lorenzo

17th. Urban Achievers

24th. The Stray Seeds

8th.  My Brother Below + Food Truck

15th.  Rubix Pube

22nd.  We're From Antarctica

29th. The Big Shaboozie


7th. The Stray Seeds

14th.  Hayle Bell Duo

21st. The Iridescents

28th. Lane to Go


Sept. 2023

The FunHouse



"Where Fun People Meet and Party"

Every   Monday   Open Mic Nite

Every   Tuesday   Karaoke   Nite

​Every  Wenesday  Pub  Nite  Pitcher  Specials

​​ ​9th. Laurel Canyon + Non Strangers NYC

16th. The Mosey Beat

23rd. Start Making Sense

               Tribute: Tripping Daisey

30th. Dear Anna