Upcoming Shows and Events 

The FunHouse

"Fest Mugs Filled $5.50

"Happy Hour" Daily 5-7pm

Music Fest is back and here is The Funplatz Line-Up.

Open 3:00 pm-2am 7 Days a Week

Thur.   Aug. 5th.  "PRE-FEST PARTY"  The Big Shanboozie

Fri.       6th.    Ito and the Moonlight Hippies

Sat.      7th.   The Unpronounceables

Sun.      8th.   The Mosey Beet

Mon.     9th.   The Shaun Lally Band

Tues.  10th.   Karaoke Nite 

Wed.    11th.  Kef also/  The Urban Achievers

Thur.   12th.  The Groove Merchants

Fri.       13th.  Rumplestiltskinz and The Snakes of PA.

Sat.      14th.  The Explores "REUNION" Dave Cahill

                           plus/ Atlassian

Sun.      15th.  The Richard Band plus/ The Living Things